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Saturday, January 18 2020

When we go through trauma, our lives often get turned upside down. Things that were once normal and fairly easy to do might feel nearly impossible. We may have trouble eating regularly, getting out of bed, and things that once brought us joy may feel different. 

One both simple and huge way that we can begin to heal is by incorporating self-care into our lives. When we meet our basic needs, our emotional needs, and focus on what feels good and caring for ourselves, we can combat the spiral of trauma that we feel in our lives. 

That's why we're starting to focus on self-care for #selfcaresaturdays. We want to get some ideas rolling for ways that we can practice self-care! Take a moment and think about how you can incorporate self-care into your life this week. Maybe it is making sure you're getting enough sleep, talking to a friend, learning a new grounding exercise, or practicing positive self-talk. Maybe it's something else entirely.

What self-care practices do you use or want to use? Let us know! 

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