What can I expect for services?

We ask that to get connected with our services, you first call our helpline. A helpline advocate will provide you emotional support and connect with a Safe Place advocate who will follow up with you if you would like ongoing services. The Safe Place advocate will call you and see what questions we can answer and what services feel best for you. You have the option to receive services by phone or in person. We love meeting face to face and feel like we can provide the best possible services in person. However, we know transportation can be a barrier or that it may be easier to meet over the phone. That is okay! If you choose to meet over the phone, we will schedule phone meetings and follow up at your convenience. If you choose to meet in person, we will schedule a meeting for an intake to continue with ongoing services. Our intake consists of some basic contact and demographic information, safety/self-care planning, and other resources as needed. You can end services at any time. You can also reach out at any time. If we haven’t heard from you in ten years and you want to reach out for support, you are more than welcome to!

What services can Safe Place provide me?

Safe Place is here to provide support to you however you need throughout a lifetime. We can provide a listening ear; free and low cost legal, medical, and counseling referrals; accompaniment to medical, law enforcement, and legal appointments; education about sexual violence and healing; safety and self-care planning; and support groups for survivors and/or loved ones of survivors. We can also give you information on your rights and options.

What is advocacy?

Advocacy includes emotional support and providing resources and referrals for your needs. You can talk to an advocate to get ready for something that is challenging or triggering for you, dealing with feelings after an appointment, working through grounding exercises, learn more about what you’re going through, teach a loved one how to support you, helping with a protective order, or finding a counselor, attorney, activity, or resource that is right for you. We are here to be a listening ear, provide education, and get you connected with all the right people and places for you to find healing!

What is self-care planning?

After a traumatic experience, it is normal to feel emotionally unsafe. Day-to-day life may be harder and survivors may feel triggered (brought back to the traumatic experience). Self-care planning can help take care of emotional well-being through identifying coping strategies, grounding techniques, support systems, and strategies to respond to triggers and flashbacks.

Can you represent me or speak for me in court?

No, we are not attorneys and cannot give legal advice or represent in court. We can get you connected with attorneys that can! We can help you fill out a protective order, meet with you before court to help you know your options and what to expect, and can go with you to court to provide emotional support.

Will Safe Place cost me anything?

No. Our services are completely free and confidential.

I’m a survivor and I have resources available to me, but what is there for my loved one?

Safe Place offers support services to loved ones as well! At Safe Place, we believe that loved ones need support as well and that supporting and educating loved ones can lead to the best possible healing experience for the entire community. We have resources, referrals to counseling, support groups, education modules, and support for loved ones as well as survivors. We can be a listening ear, provide self-care planning, and help with the healing process for loved ones. Confidentiality is a priority, so we will never share information between loved ones and survivors.

I have been sexually assaulted and want to get medical attention, but I am afraid of the cost. What can I do?

Our advocates are happy to talk with you about your options and find a cost-effective solution that feels good for you. Sexual Assault kits are free of charge to survivors within a 96 hour time frame. Some medical care is also free of charge. We can help you identify additional resources as well.

Is Safe Place only for women?

Safe Places serves all people regardless of sex, gender, orientation, religion, or race. We truly believe in hope for all. We know that 1 in 6 men experiences sexual violence in their lifetime and that LGBTQ+ individuals experience violence at a level higher than the cis/hetero population. Our advocates have training in providing advocacy and support services to male and LGBTQ+ survivors and have identified resources specific to male and LGBTQ+ survivors.


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