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Safe Place for Hope




As a patient, you have the right: 

  • To call your personal doctor.
  • To refuse the collection of medical evidence, even though you may request STI and/or pregnancy tests.
  • To privacy during treatment or collection of evidence.
  • To have the examination without a parent or guardian present, even if you are a minor.
  • To request that police officers leave the examining room.
  • To request that a friend, family member, or companion stays with you in the examination room.
  • To have each procedure explained in detail before it is done.
  • To an explanation of the reason for every test, form, and procedure.
  • To get copies of medical reports.
  • To apply for reimbursement for certain medical expenses.
  • To strict confidentiality.
  • To have common reactions such as sleeplessness, nightmares, anxiety, and fear, and not have these reactions considered abnormal behavior.




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